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Real estate law can be divided broadly between two major activities: transactions and litigation.  Dorfman Law Office can help you with both.


Most individuals and businesses understand the importance of utilizing a skilled attorney in drafting contracts for expensive and complicated real estate transactions.  Most would never become involved in a long term lease or a development project without legal advice.  The largest financial commitment many of us will ever make is the purchase of a home.  Yet California, unlike some other states, does not mandate the involvement of attorneys in the home buying process.  Most transactions go smoothly and are trouble free.  However, as with all contracts, it is important to have a transaction properly documented, reviewed and covered by appropriate contract language in order to protect against instances when things do not go well.  For real estate transactions, involving an attorney at the beginning can save a lot of expense and inconvenience down the road.


Lawsuits involving real property, whether commercial or residential, can arise from many causes.  Transactions involving the sale of real estate or improvements/repairs by contractors are common.  So are landlord tenant disputes.  Neighbors can find themselves at odds in regard to property boundaries or activities viewed as nuisances.  Eminent domain law concerns itself with governmental (or quasi-governmental such as a utility company) “taking” of property.  Aside from outright confiscation (condemnation) “taking” includes damage and impairment of use.  Some real estate contracts and leases provide for attorney fees and costs to the prevailing party, thus raising the stakes in a dispute.

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